Decorated in an Italian renaissance style, the Garrick Theatre is one of the West End’s smaller and more intimate theatres. Seating 732 people across three levels, including the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle, the Garrick offers a variety of views throughout the auditorium. The Garrick Theatre is built over the underground, which means that you occasionally hear the rumble of trains as they go past!


Due to the age of the theatre, there are several support pillars dotted throughout the Stalls, therefore the best seats can be found in the middle section of the Stalls. Rows go from A to X, and the maximum a row can seat is 24 people. There is no centre aisle in the Stalls. As the stage is so low, the view is rarely restricted from the Stalls, aside from Row S and onwards. Legroom in the Garrick Theatre is also relatively cramped.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle spans from Row A to E, seating 28 people in the longest row, without a centre aisle. Seats in the middle section of the Dress Circle will provide the best view and value for money. Legroom is quite cramped and some seats can seem uncomfortable. Overall, this section can offer some excellent views and it is usually worth paying for Dress Circle seats rather than seats towards the rear of the Stalls.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the only section which has a centre aisle. The rows span from Row A-E, with the longest row seating 26 people. Due to the theatre being quite intimate, the Grand Circle does not feel too far away from the stage. There is a safety barrier in the aisle which may restrict the view of some audience members.


There are six boxes which are Box D, E, F, G, H and J. Boxes D and E are located on the Dress Circle level, with the other four slightly higher on the Grand Circle level. These are comfortable and private, but do not necessarily give the best view of the stage.

Garrick Theatre London seating plan

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When you visited the Garrick Theatre, where did you sit? Was it an expensive seat with a great view or a bargain seat with a restricted view that you simply would not recommend? Maybe you got lucky with a cheap seat and a brilliant view! Please get in touch and share your Garrick Theatre seating tips.